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What is MUMFF and why does it matter? Pt. 1

The Miami Urban Music and Film festival is a unique boutique three-day event

that recognizes and celebrates original music, film, art and innovation

in South Florida's evolving creative communities.

When independent recording artist Free Bison (pictured above) hit the stage during the 2019 Miami Urban music and film festival, it was clearly evident that the festival had reached new heights. His performance was one of many outstanding live musical concerts that provided a platform for fans of local (South Florida) artists to enjoy the best they had to offer. Free bison was one of several award recipients that night and the energy flowing out of the Lehman Performing Arts Theater at Miami-Dade College North Campus underscored the hope and aspirations of hundreds of young creatives, future entrepreneurs, and influencers in South florida.

The Miami Urban music in film festival is unlike most, as it is more ground roots and word of mouth. Although several hundreds May attend over the 3-day period, it's still a growing and evolving event.

Its a small festival, more personal and interactive with the objective of creative collaborations and new networks. It's mission is to provide a platform for exposure and awareness to emerging creative entrepreneurs, investors, entertainment executives, and technology providers.

The Miami Urban music and Film festival is the event that this media outlet celebrates in recognition of musical, theatrical, and artistic talent in South florida, and serves as a gateway to new talent from other cities around the nation. Small music festivals such as the Miami Urban Msic and Film Festival have the freedom to curate lineups that showcase a wide range of genres and styles. They can promote niche genres, experimental music, and alternative acts that may not fit the mainstream mold. By doing so, they contribute to the overall diversity and evolution of the music industry.

Fast forward to 2023, and we're in a post pandemic era. Organizers for the Miami Urban music and Film festival are beginning to lay the groundwork for a revised program that enables fans to connect with new talent and learn ways to be better more effective influencers that are a part of the evolving and emerging Miami entertainment movement.

The Miami Urban music in film festival is also an experience for young people preparing for college in which they get an orientation to careers in entertainment and opportunities to have a dialogue with Business Leaders and entertainment executives.

One of the biggest challenges in music historically and currently is the lack of resources and exposure for independent artists and the labels they work with. There's also a challenge providing adequate and consistent performance venues of which they can perform, improve, and build an audience base. The idea is to help both artists and influencers learn to grow in power, creativity, inflluence and relevance. We believe these are the basics of sustainability. We know that each educated entrepreneur we help grow helps create new jobs and connective opportunities. Venues and access is critical and we hear it louds and clear from but the creatives and the influencers they serve.

The Miami music and Film festival addresses this issue by sharing intelligence, providing performance exposure and master classes. With an array if skilled, veteran entertainment professionals and producers, attendees gain the competitive advantage as they grab their share of insight.

Diverse and Independent Artists: Small music festivals often provide a platform for emerging, independent, and local artists who may not have the opportunity to perform at larger, more mainstream festivals. They offer a chance for these artists to showcase their talent, gain exposure, and connect with new fans.


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