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Great Films about Music include these classics: Hollywood Spotlight

Films about music are often timeless works of dramatic and musical art. They often define an era and capture vital elements of contemporary culture. As we share this second installment of amazing films with music as an integral part of the story we ask that you stay connected by subscribing to this site as well as our official YouTube Channel at InFocus TV Online. Enjoy the content and share with friends if you like what what we've shared in this edition of Hollywood Spotlight.

Hustle & Flow

This is the story of a burnt out Memphis pimp (Djay) and his entourage as they attempt to transform their operation from a criminal outfit into making music after DJay (played by Terrence Howard) runs into an old friend. Inspired by the run in, DJay plans to seek something greater for himself and use his life and experiences as inspiration and material for writing his music. Released back in 2005, Hustle & Flow is a raw drama depicting the passion and struggle required to make it in music and how pitfalls lie around every corner if you don’t move carefully. Howard received an Academy Award for his role in the film and the project won a wide-range of accolades after its release.

This is Spinal Tap

This is Spinal Tap is the epic rockumentary that helped to make biopic spoof films a thing in the first place. Based on the fictional English heavy metal band struggling to reclaim their spot in the limelight after a complicated history of ups and downs. The film is a classic and its less about the music itself and more about the comedic element of being an artist put on the spot constantly.

One of the pioneering endeavors that popularized the “mockumentary” film style. The project is considered a comedy classic to many with its array of backstage hijinks, improvised bits led by the raw talent of the actors and hilarious set pieces that never take themselves too seriously. This is Spinal Tap is a must watch classic, end of story.

La La Land

La La Land was a Hollywood tribute as much as it was a celebration of the dream that many artists like musicians, actors, writers and so on hold dear to their hearts when aiming to make it big. Particularly the sensation that is unique to Los Angeles and all that comes with Hollywood’s perceived splendor. Carefully packaged around a love story between an aspiring jazz musician and actress both aiming to pursue their dreams in Hollywood through their own unique methods.

La La Land manages to have elements of classic film noir, musicals, romance drama and comedy while still not pressing too hard in any particular direction. The project is captivating with its emotional beats while remaining charming during its lighter tones, held together by class act performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. We recommend this film to anyone who wants a little bit of everything while enjoying the stylized aesthetic of make it or break Hollywood drama.

Sound of Metal

Riz Ahmed stars in the story of a heavy metal Musician whose life goes into complete freefall when he begins to lose his hearing. As the drummer he must learn to navigate his new perception in the world while struggling with loss and a troubling distance from his dream as an artist. This film is something special as it depicts the often poorly represented reality of deaf people while also showing the cost of denial in the face of life’s truths. Directed and co-written by Darius Marder, Sound of Metal is more than worth the watch for its intense story alone. Fantastic performances from the cast of Olivia Cooke, Lauren Ridloff, Paul Raci and more hold together an award winning project.

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A preview of the Hollywood Spotlight show on IFTV featuring Hollywood hit maker Nia Dacosta


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