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Welcome to the Pac-12, Coach Prime! How does it feel now? College Football rollercoaster

Welcome to the Pac-12, Coach Prime. This is how it will be each week from here on out. TOUGH! Imagine trying to find your way through a maze made of Rubik's Cubes blindfolded; that's what it feels like trying to navigate the mighty Pac-12 with this schedule. Ask Coach Prime. After two tough non-conference games against TCU and Nebraska, they met Oregon (ouch) and an Imposing USC awaits to open up the Pac-12 slate. A closing stretch of UCLA, Oregon State, Washington State, and Utah in four of your final 5 weeks is also a tough way to go out.


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But let's focus on the first loss by Coach Prime to Oregon. It's like the first chapter of a rollercoaster ride, and trust us, it's a wild one. We know there's plenty of heartbreak and a few triumps on the this wild ride, but one this's for sure; Coach Prime will have plenty of lesson to share in the journey and we can savor each one, win lose or draw. Let's dive in.

Ladies and gentlemen, and those in between, grab your popcorn because the "Prime Time" show has just taken an unexpected plot twist and that plot twist occured on September 23, 2023 in Eugene, Oregon. The buildup as seen in the image below, was electric. It was absolutely the Pac 12 Game of the week and was billed as one of the top college games to watch that weekend.

Image from USA Today Sports

Deion Sanders, the charismatic head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, recently experienced what he might call a "prime-time defeat" at the hands of Oregon. And oh boy, was it a spectacle! In a game that left fans scratching their heads and Oregon supporters chanting "overrated," the Buffaloes were handed a 42-6 drubbing that even a Rolex couldn't save. Let's dive into this game-day drama with a healthy dose of humor, wit, and a reminder that the Deion Sanders series continues throughout the season.

When "Hot Garbage" Meets Autzen Stadium:

The Colorado Buffs journey took them to the hostile enclave of the University of Oregon's Autzesn Stadium where the official seating capacity is presently 54,000, however, the actual attendance regularly exceeds that figure. The faceoff agains the Buffs, the stadium was a sea of green and yellow, the Oregin Duck signature colors. For the Buffs, and Coach Prime, it was a tough loss to say the least.

Deion Sanders didn't mince words after Colorado's debacle in Eugene. He called his team's performance "hot garbage," and frankly, it's hard to argue with him on that one. The Buffaloes were outplayed in every conceivable way, with Oregon racking up a whopping 518 total yards. It was like watching a horror movie, except instead of zombies, it was penalties and mistakes haunting Colorado. Adding a dramatic twist to the storyline, two-way star Travis Hunter couldn't play due to an injury. Imagine having your superhero benched when you needed him most. It was like Batman being told he couldn't wear the cape for a night.


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Overmatched and Outplayed

The Buffaloes were simply no match for the Ducks, who were ranked no. 10 in the nation. Colorado football had no chance at all, and it was apparent right before the first half ended when Oregon established a 35-0 lead.

After the win, Lanning admitted that he actually expected more from the game. Considering that Colorado was the hottest team in college football entering the contest, he and the Ducks went into the contest hoping for a battle. Instead, it ended a one-sided affair.

Sacked Four Times and Counting: Shedeur Sanders, the promising quarterback and son of Coach Prime, found himself on the receiving end of four sacks in the first half. Ouch! Shedeur kept it real, admitting that there was nothing magical or surreal about it. It's simple: if you don't execute, you're going to lose. He clearly didn't sign up for a sack lunch, but he got one anyway.

Coach Prime, Not Humble but Confident: Coach Sanders bristled at the notion that Colorado needed to be humbled, pointing out that his team had been confident, not arrogant. "We expect to do well," he said, "but [the loss] wasn't something that was needed." If there's one thing Coach Prime doesn't lack, it's confidence. And honestly, who can blame him? He's a walking legend with double-digit cameras following his every move.

Prime Time vs. the World: To keep his team on the right track, Coach Prime crafted an "Us against the world" mindset with his team. That way, its more about everyone, than just himself. Deion Sanders is well aware of the attention his persona and coaching style attract. He believes that opposing teams are fixated on beating him, not just his team. Fans taunt his starting quarterback and son, Shedeur about his Rolex watches, mascots dress up as Coach Prime, and opposing coaches talk about games being played on grass, not "in Hollywood." It's all part of the spectacle that is Deion Sanders' Colorado Buffaloes.

Colorado fans have been on a thrilling, exhilarating ride with three wins in the season already and only having one win last season. It's also been exciting for an Coach Prime, an icon, a member of the pro football Hall of Fame, a former superstar with super bowl rings and dozens of honors to lead the University of Colorado football program. The Buffs have already become a recruitment haven. But all good rides have bumps and bruises and then come to an end. Still the mindset of "Us against the world" will be tested each weekend in a conference that is merciless.

The "Us against the world" mentality is perfect for what they're about to face moving through the season. Believe me, Oregon is mighty, but there's more to come so Colorado fans and the buffalo defense, offense, special teams, and coaching staff had better make some quick adjustments so that they can at least be competitive as opposed to getting blown out. Again welcome to the pac-12.

No Time for a Pity Party: After the defeat, Coach Sanders wasted no time with the tissues and napkins. "We ain't got time to have a pity party," he declared. "We got some work to do. I can see the future, and it looks really good." Now, that's the kind of optimism we like to see. Coach Prime doesn't dwell on defeats; he's too busy looking ahead to brighter days.

So, there you have it, folks—the unexpected twist in the Deion Sanders series. Colorado might have taken a beating from Oregon, but Coach Prime's swagger remains intact. Stay tuned for more drama, action, and hopefully fewer sacks in the episodes to come. Until next time, keep your popcorn ready and your eyes on the Buffaloes. For more on this epic roller coaster ride with Coach Prim this seaon, check the blog below from IN FOCUS TV online.


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