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How Katt Williams Mic Drop on Club Shay Shay challenges Black Comedy authenticity

Katt Williams is on fire, he's lit, on-a-roll, going all-in. No other comic in the business has America transfixed like Katt has over the New Year's break, and it was EPIC. As such, the dynamic, portable laugh-factory/comedic maestro, has etched his name as an icon in the world of comedy.

We're taking you into our three-part blog series dissecting Katt's epic podcast appearance, where he not only spills the tea on his fellow comedians and showcases his unmatched mastery of the entertainment game. Get ready for a rollercoaster of laughter, truth bombs, and a touch of divine inspiration - this is Katt Williams unfiltered and unapologetic.

If you haven't caught wind of his recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast, you've been missing out on the roast of the century, and nearly EVERYBODY got some. In a sizzling tirade, Williams not only accused fellow comedian Cedric the Entertainer of joke theft but also took television host Steve Harvey to task, dubbing him a "potato head."

It's a saga of comedic feuds, conspiracy claims, and some serious potato slander. Shannon Sharp was stunned but rolled with it and loaded up sizzing question and sizzling question. Katt Williams handled each one like Labron handles an alley oop lop near the rim. SLAM DUNK!

Oh, it gets better, but first let's take a monent to savor the success Katt Williams has enjoyed over the decades. He's more than just a comedian; this is a man with plenty of movies on his resume including the hilarious Friday After Next (as seen at left). His TV credits are solid as is his award-wining music,stage, and comedy success. It was a sight to see and words to hear as the 5'5 tornado of talent, leaving no stone unturned and no punchline untested and took shots and anyone involved in what we may call "suspicious" behavior, to put it nicely.

Make no mistake about it, this show was lit from start to finish. Wasting no time whatsoever, Shannon unleashed a ready-to-go Katt Williams to the internet and it set the web on fire. Out of left field, the one and only Katt Williams unleashed a comedic storm of epic proportions. Forget the red carpet, this is the roast carpet, and Williams has decked it out with an array of intellectual, slick, pimped-out street boldness that only a uber-confident, ready for the moment dynamo like him could muster.

Yes, you heard it right, Williams fearlessly took on so many, we lost count, but he took no prisoners. He had the eye-of-the tiger and his game face on throughout the broadcast, fearlessly attacking every alleged lie, falsehood and misrepresentation.

In a dazzling display of wit and enough sarcasm to make your grandma blush, Williams not only accuses Cedric the Entertainer of some serious joke snatching but also labels Steve Harvey a "potato head." Move over Oscars, this is the award show we didn't know we needed. It had fans transfixed.

At the center of much of the hour-plus long show, Williams mentioned characters of note from Weinstein, to Diddy; from Rickey Smiley to Kevin Hart. It was like watching him using brisk humor and reporting as ammo to shoot ducks in a barrel.

Was Katt Williams on point or was he was filled to the brim with HATER JUICE? Technically speaking - here's a deinition of a hater: A hater is a person who actively and aggressively criticizes and disparages something or someone including a celebrity or public figure. Well, its a very thin line to figure out, but either way, it made for amazing fireworks. Is Williams being a hater or just bringing the heat in the form of hard truths? Was he starting the first TRUE beef between popular Black comedians? Yes! Yes! And Yes! Stay tuned for more.




The One and Only Michael Jai White

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