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New World Symphony snags talented star as new Artistic Director

One of the dynamic jewels int he world of art and culture, The New World Symphony is an American orchestral academy based in the gorgeously designed facility on Miami Beach, Florida. Established in 1987, the organization is a training ensemble for young musicians in preparation for professional careers in classical music. Since 2011, the New World Symphony has its headquarters in the New World Center. Here's the big news.

The Board of Trustees of the New World Symphony (NWS) announced the appointment of Stéphane Denève as its new Artistic Director. Mr. Denève begins his commitment in the 2022-23 season and will be the second Artistic Director in the 35-year history of the organization. He will succeed co-founder Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT) who will continue his leadership of NWS as Artistic Director Laureate.

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Of the appointment, NWS Chairman William M. Osborne III (pictured at left) said, “Stéphane Denève is one of the great conductors of our time, leading major orchestras of the U.S. and Europe. He has shown a talent for developing the artistic stature of his ensembles and broadening the symphonic repertoire. He is deeply committed to passing the traditions of classical music to the next generation. We are pleased that he will bring his creativity and experience to the leadership of the New World Symphony.

NWS Fellows take advantage of the innovative performance facilities and state-of-the art practice and ensemble rooms of the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center, the campus of the New World Symphony and home of the Knight New Media Center.

In the hopes of joining NWS, more than 1,500 recent music school and conservatory graduates compete for about 35 available fellowships each year. The Fellows are selected for this highly competitive, prestigious opportunity based on their musical achievement and promise, as well as their passion for the future of classical music. The mission of the New World Symphony is to prepare graduates of music programs for leadership roles in orchestras and ensembles around the world.

The NWS building is a work of art in both its design and its functionality. As seen in the images above, it showcases elegance and style on the outside which includes a wide open plaza with great views of South Beach and an interior that showcases eye-popping angles and light.

The NWS Fellows work to the highest standards set by our founding Artistic Director Michael Tilson Thomas. Stéphane will guide them in the pursuit of excellence as conductor, collaborator and mentor. He is also aware of the opportunities and challenges of the digital environment. Stéphane will continue the NWS tradition of reinvention as it applies to concert formats and digital distribution of artistic expression. He is uniquely suited to build on the accomplishments of MTT, who will partner with Stéphane as Artistic Director Laureate. We are privileged to have them both.”

“It is a great pleasure to welcome my friend and colleague, Stéphane Denève, to the New World Symphony family. I’m delighted that such a devoted, enthusiastic, and internationally recognized musician has agreed to take up the musical leadership of the New World Symphony,” shared Michael Tilson Thomas. “When Ted and Lin Arison and I started the New World Symphony 35 years ago, we hoped that we were creating an institution that would continue to grow, evolve and serve the musical community and the public. It was our profoundest belief that our success would be measured by how much attention we could devote to each Fellow who came through the program. With over 1,200 alumni sharing their art and a strong and vital future secured for the institution, I feel we have realized our dream. How reassuring to know that Stéphane Denève will carry that dream forward. Bravo and congratulations!”

“The New World Symphony, for over 35 years, has been at the forefront of musical education and has built a groundbreaking tradition of re-imagining the future of our artform, pushing boundaries with passion, curiosity and open-mindedness. It is with great joy and a humbling sense of purpose that I am joining today the family of the New World Symphony, making it now my mission to continue the inspired dream of its founder and guiding soul, Michael Tilson Thomas,” said Stéphane Denève of his new role. “I can't wait to share my experience, enthusiasm and love for music with all the talented NWS Fellows.

I would like to thank 'de tout coeur' Michael for his generous endorsement, Will Osborne, NWS President and CEO Howard Herring (pictured at left) and the whole team of the NWS for inviting me to be their new Artistic Director.”

The Artistic Director search committee was led by the NWS Board of Trustees. Mr. Denève has been a regular guest conductor at New World Symphony since 2006, where he has been warmly received by Fellows and audiences.

The New World Symphony offers three-year fellowships, where the program offers a wide range of performance and educational opportunities in both domestic and international venues. The program offers opportunities for fellows to design and present their own concerts, which often feature seldom-heard works for unusual instrumentation. The training also includes mock auditions, financial management, donor and media relations, as well as opportunities for teaching in local schools.


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