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Millinneals in the drivers seat

If you're reading this and you're between the ages of 18 and 30, we're talking to you. If you're over the age of 30 and you know people between the ages of 18 to 30 we're talking to you as well. The United States of America is experiencing a dramatic and in some cases traumatic transition. As it relates to the political environment, this is where you come in.

For years, and with increasing anger, the extreme participants in the political spectrum continue to spew hate, lies and division. The generations between the ages of 18 to 30 are the ones that can ultimately determine the future and fate of this nation. But there is a challenge that must be overcome which is to not to repeat the nonsense being delvered each day.

For starters, if you fall into the 18-30 age group, then its important to recognize your power as a voting block. Your generation is one of the most populated groups in America. That means that, more than any group in memory, you will be able to decide who represents you, who speaks to you, and who brings you the goods that are necessary to have the kind of life and lifestyle you need.

Another voting season is here and the 18-30 age block is in the driver's seat. Being in the driver seat means you are now the target of candidates. And here's the kicker, being in the drivers seat means that it is super important that you are more informed on real facts and true information than the generations currently making the fuss.

It's important to learn from the toxic environment that the political parties have created. It is essential to recognize that this toxic environment it literally tearing at the heart and soul of the nation. The assault on the U.S. Capital actually happened for all to see. That assault resulted in death nd severe injury.

Learning how to hold elected officials accountable and demand honesty and truthfulness.

While young people make up a large portion the voting-eligible population, they're much less likely than those who are older to get out and vote. In 2016, only 19% of people aged 18-29 cast their ballot in the presidential election; at 49%, 45-64-year-olds accounted for the largest electorate last year.

We've spoken to many millennials and Gen X's that have bought into mythical conspiracy theories, and made their judgments without truly investigating the facts from reliable sources.

Not everything on social media is reliable and not everything that you hear from your friends is absolutely reliable.

Here's another kicker to consider: anytime a candidate tells you to not trust the media and to only trust them then you should make sure they never win an election. One of the first steps of destroying the democracy is to destroy its media and free speech.

Another skill that's necessary today is being able to decipher a truth from lies and fact from fiction. There will be people in the 18-30 age group that will inherit the hateful emotions streaming from conservatives, liberal, the right and the left. The danger here is when individuals put themselves or their party over the good of the overall country, then disaster is sure to follow.

For thoseof you 18-30, the baton is being passed to you. The nation is yours to take it and make it work properly. Get involved on every level and thiink for yourself. We wish you well and encourage you to get out and vote today and encourage everyone around you to do the same.


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