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Miami Hurricanes & FAU Owls in the NCAA Basketball Final 4. let the frenzy begin

Basketball fans in Florida are euphoric like never before because two of its University basketball programs have entered an exclusive environment of college basketball excellence; the final four. While UConn is expected to earn another national title, the upset-minded Florida, Th University of Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Atlantic University Owls have shown that they are out for blood.

The U is back and deeper than ever

The Miami Hurricanes have experience going deep into the tournament having reached the elite eight last year. This year, they are deeper and stronger. They understand how to navigate the NCAA tournament bracket competition by beating tough teams that underestimate them.

Thr Hurricanes operate in a very difficult and challenging conference that helps hone and refine their competitive savvy when it comes to tournament time. As co-champions, they thrive off rough agressive defensive and dazzling offensive firepower. The combination has allowed them the opportunity to win tight games and maintain its composure.

The coaching exemplifies each player's innate abilities and showcases them at their best and strongest when the game gets tight.

Yes, brilliant coaching from Jim Larrañaga is making all the difference in the world. How? Because of superior coaching, these players understand how to play with each other and are fearless and their attack and defense.

An extention of great coaching is recruiting. This comes from strong recruiting of athletes that not only have excellent athletic skills and talents, but also have a mindset of competitiveness, fearlessness, teamwork and assertiveness. As a result, the University of Miami hurricanes men's basketball team is one game away from reaching the national championship and his position itself to be on a recruiting Bonanza due to the exposure and the glamor of Miami itself.

FAU taking teams to task

Boca Raton-based Florida Atlantic University, a team that has showcased Superior shooting, awesome defense, aggressive offensive attack strategies, and the ability to come back from behind quickly. These characteristics have catapulted the owls into the final four for the first time in its history. For years to come, scouts, coaches and basketball analysts will continue to watch and study how FAU built such a phenomenal program in such a short time. Even Floridians didn't see the house coming like a freight train on eggs, running over through or simply squashing the competition. That's not to say the competition hasn't been formidable.

Dusty May has done an amazing job as head coach at FAU. The Hoosier native has led Florida Atlantic University into uncharted territory. May took over as head coach of the FAU men's basketball program in 2018 after a lengthy career as a college assistant. Today, he stands as the winningest coach in the FAU Basketball history.

FAU has faced some of the most difficult teams in the nation and as a 16th seed was ranked as low as you can get. The team leaned into the underdog rating while on the attack from start to finish. The intense competitive set of opponents became more combative with each round. FAU's phenominal play at the guard position opened all kinds of opportunities underneath the basket with a pro-style attack that has opponents scrambling. Teams have had adequate scouting reports on the owls the same unable to combat they're relentless attack on offense and they're toughness on defense. It's going to be exciting to see how this program develops over the years and where this season ends up for the Owls.


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