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Incredible films about music: Hollywood Spotlight

This episode was one of the most exciting and fun projects we've done for you in a long, long time. Its all about the artistic skills and talent needed to make great films about music and musical icons.

There are many great films with music as an integral part of the story and setting. We take a deep dive with this series that will feature some of the best films that feature music as a crucial element. Expect a wide range of genres like drama, biopics, crime thrillers, comedy and everything in between.

Judging by the flurry of activity over the past 12 months – with acclaimed films about Aretha Franklin, Freddie Mercury and Elton John among others – we are in an uncommonly busy period, if not a flat-out golden age. There are so many great films about music that we will dedicate an entire department in them through the year. That includes documentary films as well.

Good news for music fans, but even better news for the music industry, where these films represent an increasingly vital revenue stream in an era of slumped record sales, bumping a band’s back catalogue and getting a new generation hooked on their work.

We want to hear from you and get your favorite film projects about music! Comment on our official YT channel at the link above and stay connected with us on socials @MUMFF_


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