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How to create a buzz: Influencers can help

This edition is for those of you who want to create a buzz, get attention and gain traction in a crowded and very busy marketplace. The key is leveraging the access certain people have to the kinds of people you need to reach. That's when you may want to turn to influencers that dwell in the niche you have targeted.

When done properly, influencers can be a great way to elevate your visibility. For that reason, this edition aims to help you in your effort to extend your brand positioning, your product awareness, and the features and benefits that you provide. We don't want you to do it all alone when there are influencers out here like us and so many others that can be contacted to get you "out there."

Janie Flores (at left) is a wonderful example of a digital influencer in Miami that we have come to enjoy and respect. As one of the recipients of the Quiet Storm Award in Media from our annual Women's Power Caucus, Janie has received numerous other awards for her impact on thousands of small business owners in South Florida and across the US in working to close the digital divide. Janie, like many of us who serve as digital influencers and media experts, understands her role and her audiences because she took the time o build the relationships that work. Her secret sauce is her assion, energy and ability to connect people while creating a buzz for them.

Helping to create a buzz is a natural aspect of the influencers role and positioning. Creating a buzz isony the first step of many to get and keep the attention of those in your specific market reach and niche. Influencers are vital to the process of gaining exposure, trust and awareness for your product, service, business or your message. Influencers help drive awareness to events, campaigns, new products, and so much more.

"Janie is one of many of our amazing influencers out there making us proud" said Woodie Lesesne, President of LMG Entertainment and a renowned media influencer assisting fortune 500 and small businesses alike. Lesesne says Flores, like all influencers consistently keep audiences up to speed and informed while introducing them to new people. "Influencers understand that it's not about them and their popularity, but rather the skill it takes to open doors and avenues to new audiences, new opportunities and new possibilities" Lesesne added.

"Being in the media helps us understand the symbiotic relationship between influencers, the niche they navigate and the media partners and social media platforms they operate '' Lesesne added. In a perfect world, influencers large and small work in concert with one another, as well as media outlets that boost their vices and vice versa with the winner being the brand being promoted."

Since collaborating with influencers can help create online buzz about your brand, consider the fact that it can also strengthen your brand's reputation, improve audience engagement, and increase conversions. At the end of the day, it is the influencers opinion that their followers, partners and supporters seek and they expect honesty, transparency and full disclosures. These are the elements that keep an influencer in the game.

The biggest mistake brands make is thinking that an influencer has to have a massive following. That's not the case at all. Nano influencers have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers and they can be extraordinarily helpful because the smaller follower network allows for the greater opportunities to build stronger individual and collective relationships thus increasing trust and sustainability.

For those of you who are influencers, don't be overly focused on the size of your audience, but rather the impact of your influence and the quality of the content you present. It's also important to look carefully at the brand you work with and keep your ability to give them greater attraction as the priority objective. For this to work effectively there has to be proper communications, clarification of expectation, and consistent collaboration the strategy may need to be adapted from time to time.

In the next edition, we will breakdown the barious kinds of influecners that operate primarily n the digital space and how the navigate the digital world for brands and messaging.


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