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How to break into entertainment: The Series

Breaking into the entertainment business has lots of routes, passages and journeys. No two are the same. To the surprise of many, there are hundreds of diverse career paths in the entertainment industry. There are plenty of career opportunities in publicity, marketing, casting, makeup, web management and social media expertise to name just a few.

Randy DeWitt (pictured above with Alexander and Cameron Lesesne) has an extensive career in entertainment. It is a career that intersects with education, creative production and more. He is a MUMFF guru who helps young people understand the wide range of opportunities inthe biz for those that dedicate themselves to develop the skills in the areass of entertainment they are most excited about.

Some believe they have to relocate to Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, or Austin to get into the entertainment mix. But there's a much deeper connection to be had when breaking into the entertainment business. If you live anywhere in the nation and run a bar or nightclub, you're in the entertainment business. If you run a movie theater, you're in the biz. If you create websites, sell musical equipment or hardware, or even take pictures or play weekends as a DJ, then, you guessed it, you are in the Biz.

Ther point is you need a community to help you get in and get in deeper. You need a consistent venue or program schedule and resources to help you get into the biz. Entertainment conferences often have panels and workshops to =give you the insights you need to break in. Our annual MUMFF is a great example of how it works.

Young people from high schools across Miami-Dade County are focused on the knowledge and expoeriences being shared by the Lesesne brothers during the session on "building a community in the creative economy".

One of the easiest ways to get in the mix, get connected, and get exposed is to attend festivals, conferences, workshops, panels and virtual activities that expose you to knowledge, the people, trends, and opportunities that exist or are on the horizon. It's important that you do your best to get networked and to help yourself learn the process of breaking in, getting employment, or launching a business that is sustainable, productive and rewarding.


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