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Hollywood Spotlight: Gaming influencing the World of film

The world of gaming, as rich and diverse as it is, has now spread through all forms of culture and has claimed its rightful place as a dynamic art form. As a gamer since childhood I've gotten years of mind blowing experiences that have evolved with each generation of titles and consoles. Now more than ever we're seeing video games being adapted into films and even TV series released on streaming platforms.

When you look at films like Mortal Kombat, Ready Player One, The Resident Evil series, and more recently TV series like Castlevania and Dragon's Dogma you see a trend of producers seeking the capture charm and essence of many beloved video game titles.

So what does all of this say to the future of the film and gaming connection? From what I see the gaming fans appreciate the adaption but demand that they are done properly with the spirit of the source material remaining in tact. This means proper representation through the characters and casting choices, including the crucial moments of the stories that made people fall in love with them, maintaining the essence of the lore and giving each of the projects the necessary time and care to maintain a high quality product. If those key points are able to be achieved, I can see many of our favorite games over the generations adapted to tv or film successfully and with the support of the fans that made them popular in the first place. - Sonic the hedgehog

As the lines between different mediums of art continue to be blurred, I'm hopeful in seeing great works of gaming transformed into high quality films/shows for newcomers and long time fans to enjoy. - Warcraft

That's it for this edition of Hollywood Spotlight, thanks for reading and stay updated with Infocus TV's lifestyle content @Infocustvonline


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