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Evolution of MUMFF

People see the name and wonder… What is MUMFF?

The Miami Urban Music & Film Festival or ‘’MUMFF’’ is Produced by Lesesne Media Group (LMG) Entertainment and is focused on becoming South Florida’s future for the local entertainment scene. The MUMFF brings together creatives from various areas of entertainment & the fine arts into one community. Having launched a little less than 3 years ago, MUMFF is making notable strides across the South Florida region. Since the launch, MUMFF has brought together a diverse community of creatives who are now cross promoting, partnering up and creating together while uplifting the culture as a whole. South Florida has an abundance of talent in all genres and depths of Music, Film, Visual Art, Dance, Theater, Apparel and more. It’s amazing being able to watch creatives build together and help uplift each other and a platform that South Florida so desperately needs.


How does this help the scene?

MUMFF is helping the scene by bringing these creative’s together for one common purpose… Elevation. This means sharing audience base across the board, so now filmmakers are being exposed to other filmmaker’s audiences who likely would not have seen them before. The artists are getting exposed to other artist’s audience who may not have heard their music until further down the line. This cycle continues across all forms of entertainment and the arts. As this event continues to grow, so will the exposure to the local creatives involved. The goal of MUMFF is to help impact the Entertainment Economy as a whole while helping to transform passions into careers. It’s not an easy process, but it’s definitely obtainable.


What’s next for MUMFF?

As MUMFF continues to grow, LMG sees it becoming a major festival with a national impact and one day reaching a global audience. South Florida is a hub for tourism and with such diverse cultures and demographics there’s no limit to the creativity we can see from the talent. We are now preparing to take things to the next level with incorporating different components to the festival's web channel ‘’MUMFF TV’’. Not to mention bringing different forms of the arts along with new talent, and audience under the same roof. MUMFF is positioned to be an event that not only wows and entertains audiences from around the world but educates creatives and business owners on their growth and development throughout their career.

MUMFF 2017 will take place on November 2nd-4th at Miami Dade College's Lehman Theater. Early bird tickets are now available at a discounted rate get yours today at the link below.

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