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Nadirah Naima - "CHARGED UP" Review

An epic shot from the closing of CHARGED UP

Nadirah dropping knowledge on the audience

Once again LMG Entertainment has given birth to yet another awesome platform. Mumff Underground is the “it place” to be for anyone who wants to get an in depth look at the the cities most talented artists. One of many events to come, was held on April 15th at Asylum Studios. Charged up was an excellent name choice for this night of excitement, it was a reflection of the free flowing energy that filled the room. The atmosphere was engulfed in ambition,drive,creativity and not to mention some really cool lighting.

There were seven artist in total that kept the crowd rocking throughout the night. The vibe was most definitely turned all the way up, but each artist brought a different aspect of individuality to the stage.

T.R.E opening the show with lyrical prowess

TRE opened up the show for us and even though being first can be a bit nerve wracking, he demonstrated no hesitation to grab the mic and proceed to give the crowd his all. At this point we all knew we were in for a unique lyrical experience.

Riiah World... ROCK!!

Riiah World was up next. “WOW” is the best way to describe his artistry. He demands the crowds attention with his comical approach and consistent crowd engagement. “When I say Riiah World you say, "ROCK..Riiah World….” You had no choice but to scream out “Rock” with the same exact intensity he commanded. Riiah World performed his popular hit “Cheated”, and also gave us an acapella freestyle.

Zorenzo serenades the crowd with "Saturday Love"

After the crowd finished their applause for Riiah, Zorenzo was introduced to the stage. He spoke to the audience as if he knew everyone in the room personally, telling them not to be shy because the songs he was about to perform most certainly warranted some serious turn up. He wasn’t lying either, his newest track “Saturday Love” had me in my feelings a bit but also had me feeling myself. (I wrote the last two words hoping you would read them in Beyonce’s voice, so if you didn’t… go back and do so.)

Moshing to K. Charl as he ends his set

As the night progressed the crowd grew bigger, I mean so big they had to open up the back entrance so that people had room to comfortably fit inside. This gave the next few artist’s a larger canvas to paint their works of art on. K Charles came with this North Jersey/Chicago kind of swag. I was surprised to learn he was actually from South Florida. K Charles and his entourage got the crowd super hyped when they formed a giant mosh pit in the middle of the dance floor and proceeded to spit all the lyrics to K Charles songs.

Xali spitting serious bars

Once everybody’s heart rate returned to normal speed from all the dabbin’ and Milly Rockin’, Xali graced the stage with his presence and captured our attention with his enlightening lyrics. This brother dropped some heavy knowledge on us. If your third eye wasn’t open before that performance I’m sure it was once he was done delivering facts.

Kidd Adamz getting live and rocking the mic

Kidd Adamz came to the stage next with a humble yet lively energy. He told stories through rhymes about his life, giving the audience a personal look at who he is as an artist and a young man.

The last act of the night was Lukeem. I’d compare his performance to the grand finale portion of fourth of July fireworks. Explosive to say the least. After the first two songs the crowd kept asking for more. Lukeem bought three other artists on stage to perform a couple featured tracks, one of them being our very own Alex Lesesne and the other two by the name of Geepaid and Heavygame.

The crowd couldn't get enough of Lukeem

As I looked around the room, I saw hunger and passion in everyone's eyes. The people that were in the room were there for the love and the culture of real music. Charged up put the battery in the backs of those who needed to fill up on good vibes, great people, and creative expression. This is something specifically designed for the most influential people in the city, you know the cool kids club. The question on everyone’s mind now is, “When is the next time we can get CHARGED UP?”

Gee Paid, Heavy Game & Lukeem rock the stage together

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