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Rap Supergroups: Retro edition

Wu-Tang is a revolutionary force in hip-hop for over 25 years dropping their first album in 1993 and forever shifting how hip-hop was received. Pioneering both business with creative new deals and music, by martial arts influence and samples from iconic movies.

ATCQ was a pioneering rap trio hailing from St. Albans, Queens NYC and often noted as the most intelligent rap groups of the 90’s.

Tribe broke away from lyrical conventions covering topics of romance, street life and masculinity with all six of their studio albums achieving Gold or Platinum status.

Founded by childhood friends Cam’ron and Jim Jones out of Harlem NY, The Diplomats or “Dip Set” came into the rap game with creativity and style. Incorporating street tapes and skits into promoting their music, Dip Set soon became a heavily influential group, making tremendous buzz and establishing themselves fashion trend setters.


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