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Miami Unvieled: Coconut Grove & Yummy Pizza

Our new "Miami Unveiled" series takes us to Coconut Grove, a village-like community by the Biscayne Bay just south of downtown Miami. That's where we discovered a few nuggets, one in particular is a place for pizza called Harry's Pizzaria.

So here's the deal, I scheduled a lunch meeting with a new mentee, a 30-year-old with talents and music and the culinary arts who's also interested in becoming an entrepreneur.

He was coming from way down south in a growing city called Homestead. I was coming from a meeting in Broward, so we felt that it would be good to meet somewhere in the middle. I decided I'd go somewhere that I never gone before and I knew he liked pizza. I figured "why not go to a spot there and do some exploring afterwards. It had been a few years since I've done that. So pizza it was and I went online to source a few good places.

I selected Harry's Pizzeria for a number of reasons. I liked its location, right at the entrance of the retail and restaurant district in the Grove. It looked interesting, affordable, well lit, and right where you can move around the Grove comfortably. on top of that, it PIZZA! Yay. I mean, pizza is a happy food. Its a finger food that allows you to be a kid again. Its a food made for sharing and made to be a little messy.

The ride down reminded me of just how beautiful The Grove is. I can never get enough of it. Nestled on the water, Coconut Grove is just south of downtown and just north of Coral Gables. It's a village community with lots of palm trees, elegant homes, and beautiful streets. Miami City Hall is on the bay as is several restaurants, marinas as well as a park.

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Parking can be a challenge but we figured it out. It was expensive in some places so remember that. After parking and walking a block checking out the stores and enjoying the people watching, I arrived at my destination. It was light and airy with an old school feel and big windows to look out at the street.

Now just to be transparent, I read lots and lots of reviews about the Grove and Harry's Pizaria. As with most reviews, some were extremely positive, and some were not so positive. I was ready for anything. The service was good and friendly. If there was something missing, the folks were ready to grab it and get it back to you.

If there was a delay in the service and the food, the help was ready to let you know. Inour book, that's the key for success, communicating with your customer.

Harry's got one thing right for sure. They understand gourmet pizza. While traditional pizza holds a special place in our hearts, gourmet pizza takes the art of pizza-making to a whole new level. Gourmet pizza offers a refined and elevated experience, incorporating high-quality ingredients, innovative flavor combinations, and unique culinary techniques."

But it doesn't have to be gourmet. Pizza's foundation lies in its simplicity. The basic combination of dough, sauce, and cheese creates a harmonious blend that satisfies the taste buds. Additionally, pizza is readily available and convenient, making it a go-to option for quick meals, takeout, or delivery.

Now we ordered something simple that everybody could enjoy which was their basic pizza with pepperoni on it. It was fire. In fact we ordered two. We got an opportunity to learn a little bit more about Harry's Pizzeria and found out that they have other locations.

Yes indeed, we'll share our review on Travelocity and other sites but you get it here first. We'll come back and check out some of their other types of pizza for sure. On that note, we are likely to explore other pizza places in the Grove to compare.

When coming to Miami be sure to set a time and day to cruise through Coconut Grove. Until then stay in the loop about other "discoveries" we find around the city through our "Miami Unvieled" season.


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