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Heat Advisory, protect yourself

A Heat Advisory is issued when the heat index value is expected to reach 105 to 109 degrees. That's what it feels like outside.

Issued within 12 hours of the onset of extremely dangerous heat conditions for at least 2 days, and night time air temperatures will not drop below 75°; however, these criteria vary across the country, especially for areas that are not used to dangerous heat conditions.

A Heat Advisory is issued when the heat index value is expected to reach 105 to 109 degrees. That's what it feels like outside. An Excessive Heat Watch means that extreme heat is in the forecast and to be prepared for it in advance.

Avoid running outside if the heat is above 98.6 degrees and the humidity is above 70-80%. If the humidity in the air is so high that it prevents the process of evaporation of sweat from the skin, you can quickly overheat and literally cook your insides from an elevated body temperature.

  • Lightweight , loose fitting and made of breathable fabric that allow airflow and air movement aiding in cooling the body.

  • Light-colored that reflects the heat better than dark-colored clothes (which absorb heat).

  • Shirts with long sleeves that cover the body and avoid sunburn.

The purpose of a heat advisory is to raise awareness among the public and provide guidance on how to stay safe and protect oneself from excessive heat. It serves as a proactive measure to prevent heat-related illnesses, particularly among vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, and outdoor workers.

During a heat advisory, people are advised to take precautionary measures such as staying hydrated, seeking shade, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, wearing lightweight and breathable clothing, and reducing strenuous outdoor activities during the hottest hours of the day. Following the recommendations and staying informed about the latest weather updates can help individuals minimize the health risks associated with extreme heat.

How do you cool down during heat warning?

Everyone should take these steps to prevent heat-related illnesses, injuries, and death during hot weather:

  • Stay in an air-conditioned indoor location as much as you can.

  • Drink plenty of fluids even if you don't feel thirsty.

  • Schedule outdoor activities carefully. ...

  • Take cool showers or baths to cool down.

Kids and Family

Experts recommend using caution in temperatures above 90 F (or 84 F with 70 percent humidity). Be extra careful about bringing baby outside in temperatures above 100 F, which can be potentially hazardous to little bodies.


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