LMG Entertainment is hyped to kick off MUMFF 2017

The Miami Urban Music & Film Festival (MUMFF) was a smash hit with audiences when it touched down this January 13th-14th 2017. The Festival was crowd pleasing with thoughtful and insightful panels, energetic live music performances, independent film screenings and awards, and there’s a lot to look forward to for years to come as MUMFF takes root and continues to grow.

(Left, Woodie Lesesne - Executive producer of MUMFF posing for a snapshot, Center - LMG team awards singer songwriter "Zorenzo" the Spotlight award at MUMFF 2016, Right - LMG Team awards singer songwriter "Lukeem" the Spotlight award at MUMFF 2016)

The LMG Entertainment Team is hyped to kick off the next marquee event and it shows from the unique energy of the recent MUMFF Underground event “CHARGED UP”. As a producer for the MUMFF & MUMFF Underground I had this to say about the upcoming annual MUMFF 2017 November. It’s truly exciting to see how MUMFF has grown over the years, we’ve witnessed a renaissance of talent in the arts and a wealth of knowledge being passed down first hand. We want to use that to continue to create unforgettable events. We also continue to focus on the people in the community, connecting, networking and growing together at the MUMFF, in order to strengthen the movement of South Florida as an entertainment economy and oasis. Alexander Lesesne, a producer of MUMFF & MUMFF Underground had this to add, “I’m truly excited about the diversity and the talent across the board, representing the full spectrum of the arts. New faces of millennials being exposed to the abundance of ground-breaking talent and industry knowledge within the community. Each event has been better and better, I’m really excited.”

(Left - The audience at MUMFF listen intently to the panel discussion, Center - Performers and audience from MUMFF Underground "Charged Up" pose for a epic group photo, Right - Alexander Lesesne & Cameron Lesesne impart their knowledge to a crowd of highschool students with educator Randy DeWitt moderating)

The Miami Urban Music & Film Festival will take place November 2nd-4th at Miami Dade College’s North Campus - Lehman Theater. If you want to experience the journey as South Florida claims it’s rightful place as one of the most diverse entertainment capitals of the world, this is an event you can’t afford to miss. Tickets are now available at www.MUMFF.online, be sure to subscribe for updates and news.

(Left - Musician RiiahWorld combines theater flair and live music energy for a memorable performance, Center - Karena Clarke makes a powerful impression delivering great songs with dancers never missing a beat, Right - Singer/songwriter Zorenzo taps into the motherland with an African influenced musical segment)

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